Las Cruces Police Issue 49 Tickets As Traffic Crackdown Continues

Apr 18, 2012

Las Cruces Police issued 20 citations for motorists not using seat belts and 49 traffic tickets altogether during a traffic enforcement operation held Wednesday.  The traffic operation began at 10 a.m. and was held near the intersection of Lohman Avenue and Walton Boulevard. The primary focus of the operation was enforcing seat belt regulations. Officers also issued 11 citations to drivers who were using a cell phone while operating their vehicles and another eight to drivers who could not provide proof of liability insurance.


The remaining 10 citations were for various traffic offenses such as improper window tint and driving without proof of vehicle registration.


Officers also arrested two drivers on misdemeanors. One of the arrestees was driving on a revoked driver’s license and the other had an outstanding warrant.


The Las Cruces Police Department plans additional traffic enforcement operations in the near future.