Las Cruces Police Issue Burglary Prevention Tips

May 21, 2013

Warmer weather may seem like a good reason to leave windows open, but Las Cruces residents are reminded that most home and automobile burglaries are considered ‘crimes of opportunity’ and committed by perpetrators who want easy access to items of value.

Las Cruces Police have learned through their investigations that the vast majority of auto burglaries are committed when windows are left rolled down, doors are unlocked and valuables left in plain sight.

Many residential burglaries are committed by perpetrators who found a door unlocked or window left open.

Police remind drivers, homeowners and apartment dwellers to make a conscious effort to store valuables out of plain sight, and ensure that all doors and windows are properly secured while they’re away from home or their vehicle.

LCPD also encourages residents to properly document their personal property – especially items of value such as jewelry, firearms, tools and electronics – so they can be identified if they are lost or stolen. Without a receipt or recorded documentation of ownership it’s sometimes difficult, or impossible, for investigators to match recovered property with its rightful owner.

Property owners can use a digital camera to take photos or video of their possessions, making sure to record serial numbers. Photos can then be transferred to a storage device and kept in a secure location along with receipts.

Some insurance companies offer their clients a free personal property inventory booklet that can be used to record such information.

Metallic items that do not already have a serial number can be engraved or stamped with a name or personal identification number that can help police identify its owner.

Police recommend that property owners keep a complete record of their valuables in a secure location that cannot be damaged in the event of a fire or other calamity.