Las Cruces Police Receive Stimulus Funds

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Federal stimulus money will benefit police departments across the state .including Las Cruces.

Congressman Harry Teague announced federal grants of more than five million dollars ..enough to hire 28 officers statewide.

Las Cruces received the largest grant .more than 1.5 million .to hire eight officers

Santa Fe will also hire eight .receiving just under 1.5 million.

The United States Department of Justice says .the grants provide funding to address the full-time sworn officer needs of state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies nationwide.

The grants will provide three years of 100 percent funding for approved entry-level salaries and benefits for newly-hired, full-time sworn officer positions (including filling existing unfunded vacancies).

The money can also be used to rehire officers who have been laid off--or are scheduled to be laid off--as a result of local budget cuts.