Las Cruces Receives Park Bench In Return For Donated Plastic Bags

May 22, 2013

  The City of Las Cruces is netting results in the Bags to Benches recycling program.  Las Cruces Parks & Recreation challenged residents to collect 30,000 plastic bags, or 600 lbs of plastic, in a six month span in order to be awarded a new park bench made of recycled materials.  In half that time, city residents had helped to collect 1000 lbs.  The first bench has arrived and is waiting at city hall for a permanent location.

Las Cruces continues to collect plastic bags for a second bench.  The next bench will come after 60,000 or 1,200 lbs of plastic has been collected.  Early this week, bag collectors tallied almost 588 lbs of plastic and say they expect to have the full amount within a week.

Several city departments and other businesses are participating by placing a collection box at their place of business. The locations of those that have receptacles open to the public are as follows:  Meerscheidt Recreation Center, Las Cruces Regional Aquatics Center, Eastside Senior Center, Munson Center, Branigan Library, City Hall, Benevidez Community Center, Frank Obrien Papen Community Center, Recycle Center, Las Cruces Police Department, Las Cruces Fire Department (Stations 1,2,3,5,6 and 7) NASA, Good Samaritan Retirement Center, Big Lots, Sam’s Club and Girls Scouts.

Types of plastic that can be recycled include: Grocery, department store and dry cleaning bags. Bread, cereal, produce and zip lock bags. Newspaper sleeves and paper towel plastic overwrap. Turn your unwanted plastic into brand new park benches for all to enjoy!