Las Cruces School Projects

Las Cruces – Some major construction projects are being planned in the Las Cruces Public Schools.

A community meeting this week centered on a new high school, to be located at the intersection of Dripping Springs Road and Sonoma Ranch Boulevard.

ASA Architects Studio and an Albuquerque design firm are working on schematic drawings for the project, energy and life cycle cost analysis and an extension of Sonoma Ranch Boulevard.

Traffic along the school's entry point .Dripping Springs Road .was a major concern at this week's meeting.

The school is expected to open in the fall of 2011 ..the entire project is estimated to cost 100 million dollars.

Meantime .a January 15th pre-construction meeting is set regarding a project to renovate Mayfield High School.

ASA Architects Studio was chosen for the 6-point-9 million dollar project. DND Contractors of Santa Teresa will do the construction work.

It will include an upgrade to the school's science wing; restroom
renovations; and heating and air conditioning installation. The work should be complete by November ..

Finally, the design is finished and the architect is working on contract documents for the Mayfield High Drama classroom and performance area construction. The $2 million project is scheduled to begin by the end of the month.