Las Cruces Senior Center Reopens Wednesday

Jan 22, 2013

  The Las Cruces Fire Marshal has authorized the re-opening of Munson Center operated by the City of Las Cruces. Munson Center provides meal services and recreational opportunities to senior citizens in the community. The center has been closed since January 7 due to the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) gas inside the building.

City staff was allowed back into the building Tuesday afternoon. “Recreational activities will resume as normal Wednesday with a resumption of food services on Monday, January 28,” said Lori Grumet, Senior Programs Administrator.

The center was closed after higher-than-normal levels of CO were detected. The primary source of the gas was from the building’s boiler system, which is used to heat the facility. Outside engineers and a representative of the company that manufactured the boiler fully inspected the system and made additional adjustments.

During the time the building was closed, the range hood inside the kitchen was cleaned and serviced and the vent motor was replaced as a preventative measure and to ensure proper ventilation of the cooking appliances.

Through the remainder of this week, Dial-a-Ride patrons who normally dine at the center will be transported to the Eastside Center, 310 N. Tornillo St.

Patrons who drive themselves will be served at the Benavidez Center, 1045 McClure Rd. or the Eastside Center.

Munson Center is located at 975 S. Mesquite St. in Las Cruces.