Legislator Wants Vote On NM Marijuana Legalization

Jan 3, 2014

Credit Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino

A state legislator wants New Mexico voters to decide whether to legalize sale of recreational marijuana.

Democratic Sen. Gerald Ortiz y Pino of Albuquerque says he plans legislation for a constitutional amendment for marijuana legalization.

The Albuquerque Journal reports that Ortiz y Pino says his proposal would take an approach on use of marijuana similar to what is done with alcohol.

Ortiz y Pino says his proposal will be modeled after a referendum that Colorado voters approved in 2012.

If approved by New Mexico legislators, the legalization proposal would go on the state's November general election ballot.

Republican Gov. Susana Martinez opposes drug legalization but constitutional amendment proposals go straight from the Legislature to the ballot.

The Legislature convenes its 2014 session this month.

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