Lincoln County Manager Asks People To Check Part-Time Homes For Water Leaks

Ruidoso – Individuals who have homes in the County of Lincoln ... who live full time
elsewhere ..are asked to please check the condition of the water systems in
their respective homes in the Ruidoso area, and Lincoln County in general.
Last week - January 31 through February 4, 2011, the County of Lincoln
received a severe and record setting cold snap. Temperatures in the area
sank to historic lows and in many areas reports were received in excess of
20 degrees below zero. This has led to many water leaks in unoccupied
(vacation) homes and are causing low water pressure in many communities as
the water escapes the homes. Please...if you own a home in Lincoln County
that may have been left unoccupied last week...please check to see that your
home is not losing water and causing severe problems for your respective
communities...not to mention damage and utility costs to your homes.


Tom Stewart

Lincoln County Manager