Low Mesa Gets Federal Funds For Water Project

Low Mesa – Small communities often suffer from neglect when it comes to infrastructure improvements.

And with huge state and federal budget deficits .it's a situation that may continue for years to come.

But there is some good news to report this week for a small community just south of Alamogordo.

Rural Development State Director Terry Brunner will present a check to the citizens of Low Mesa Thursday morning at 10:30 ..on Mariposa Drive.

The Low Mesa Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association will receive more than 331 thousand dollars in loan and grant funds to upgrade its water system.

In making the announcement, Brunner said the project demonstrates the Obama Administration is keeping its promise to rebuild the nation's rural infrastructure.

Brunner says .Low Mesa's water system needs to be modernized to provide water to the 25 customers currently on the system. The project will include the construction of a new 14,000 gallon water tank, installation of new six inch water lines and the rehabilitation of the existing well and other equipment. And because of the expansion ..Brunner says .the residents will have greater water flow for fire protection.