Major Pot Bust

Lordsburg – U.S. Border Patrol Agents in Lordsburg keep 662 pounds of marijuana from hitting the streets Tuesday in three separate events.

During the early morning hours on December 15, 2009, agents assigned to the Lordsburg Station were out in a remote location near Cotton City when they discovered foot prints heading north and originating from the U.S./ Mexico border.

Agents on horseback and ATVs joined in the pursuit and, with the aid of specialized cameras, they were able to detect some individuals carrying backpacks and attempting to use the terrain as concealment. Agents responded to the immediate area and were able to arrest two men and seize the narcotics weighing 270 pounds with an estimated value of $216,000.00.

Later that same day, agents from Lordsburg once again found themselves in pursuit of more smugglers trying to carry their contraband through the New Mexico desert. In two separate events, agents were able to capitalize on the use of their skills of detection and tracking to locate and take custody of the drugs. These two additional seizures were backpacked into the United States from Mexico using remote and isolated locations along the border. The combined seizures had an estimated value of $313,600.00. The total estimated street value of the marijuana seized by the Lordsburg Station on Tuesday was $529,600.00. These incidents occurred less than a week after the Lordsburg Station was able to seize nearly $800,000 of marijuana last Thursday.