Man Convicted In NM Murder Mistakenly Released From Prison...Twice

Oct 17, 2012

A man convicted for his role in the deaths of four people at a remote cabin near Albuquerque mistakenly was released twice from prison.

Corrections spokeswoman Cristina Rodda says Lawrence Nieto could have been released early again in September, but a new system caught the miscalculation in his release date.

Nieto had been let out of prison in March and August but violated his parole both times and was sent back.

Rodda says the mistake came in calculating his release date after he successfully appealed a 130-year sentence. She says Nieto still has about 10 years left of his prison sentence, which could be shortened with time earned for good behavior.

Nieto was one of four men convicted in the 1996 case involving the deaths of a man, his girlfriend and her two children in a cabin in Torreon.

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