Man Sentenced In Triple Murder

May 29, 2013

A 50-year-old man has been convicted in the 2010 killings of a New Mexico couple and their business partner from California.

Jurors found Eugene "Gino" Ferri guilty of three counts of first degree murder on Wednesday. He was then sentenced to consecutive 30-year sentences for each murder.

Prosecutors say Ferri of fatally shot 69-year-old Gilles Delisle, 72-year-old Helga Harries Delisle and 68-year-old Peter J. Weith of San Diego.

Ferri had worked for the Delisles as a contractor, and they and Weith had sued Ferri for $1.3 milion.

The victims' bodies were discovered at the Delisles' Mesillas home after they didn't go to a court hearing.

A driver for Ferri led police to the homicide weapon, a gun hidden in a toilet at a Las Cruces park.

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