Martinez Announces Proposals For New Veterans' Cemetaries

Apr 15, 2014

Credit Office of the Governor

Gov. Susana Martinez has announced that Angel Fire, Carlsbad, Fort Stanton, and Gallup are being proposed as sites for new rural veterans' cemeteries in New Mexico.

At a news conference in Albuquerque Tuesday, Martinez said choosing the towns is a first step in an effort to provide new cemeteries closer to homes of veterans. She recently signed a bill aimed at providing $600,000 to plan, design, and construct regional veterans' cemeteries.

The move comes after a number of towns recently hosted community meetings on the need for small rural veterans' cemeteries in the state.

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs, more than half of New Mexico's 170,000 veterans who live too far from the two existing national cemeteries in the state.

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