Martinez Discusses Water Priorities At NMSU

Nov 27, 2013

Credit Office of the Governor

  Governor Susana Martinez has unveiled a proposal to invest an additional $2 million to boost water research and innovation in New Mexico. 

Governor Martinez has called on the New Mexico Legislature to allocate $2 million dollars in additional funding to the New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute (NMWRRI) during the upcoming legislative session.  The institute, located at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, works to solve the state’s water problems through research projects at New Mexico’s colleges and universities.  The Governor was in Las Cruces to talk about the plans Tuesday.

A press release states Governor Martinez’s proposal would enable the institute to provide more grants to researchers at New Mexico’s colleges and universities, expand staff and data operations, and develop an annual statewide water assessment.  Institute research includes projects regarding desalination, water scarcity and quality, as well as water treatment and watershed management.

Governor Martinez also recently proposed a $112 million capital investment in New Mexico’s water infrastructure, approximately 60 percent of the capital outlay funding that will be available when the New Mexico Legislature convenes in January. This proposal prioritizes water investments in communities that are in danger of going dry or struggling with poor water quality.  It also focuses on water projects like watershed and dam rehabilitation.