Martinez Vetoed 23 Percent Of Bills

Apr 19, 2013

The Democratic-controlled Legislature had a better track record this year in getting bills signed into law by Republican Gov. Susana Martinez.

The governor signed 77 percent of the 298 bills passed by the Legislature during its 60-day session, which ended last month.

Martinez vetoed 23 percent of bills that cleared the Legislature.

In 2011, when Martinez took office and the Legislature last met in a 60-day session, the governor signed 65 percent of the 284 bills approved by lawmakers. About 35 percent were vetoed, according to Legislative Council Service records.

During 30-day legislative sessions, such as in 2012, the agenda is limited to the budget, tax and financial matters as well as issues the governor asks lawmakers to consider. There are no such restrictions during 60-day sessions.

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