Mayor Delivers 2014 State Of The City

Feb 20, 2014

Mayor Ken Miyagishima emphasized finance, jobs and the future of the city in this year's State of the City address.

"We need to create good opportunities for everybody."

On whether the state legislature could take away Las Cruces' ability to keep a 3/8% tax increase on purchases, the mayor says that would be unconstitutional.

"We don't believe that the legislature can go retroactive and go after our hold harmless money that we have recently put our bonds through."

When it comes to tax revenue from purchases, he was enthusiastic about the new 55-mile border commercial zone, that now allows Mexico's visitors to come to Las Cruces to spend money.

"Adding to the gross receipts tax which in turn adds to the city coffers so we look forward to them. We welcome them and we hope they come to our city to shop and eat and have a good time."

Carrie Hamblen of the New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce Las Cruces chapter says looking to the border for development in Las Cruces makes sense and is in line with the organization's views.

"Looking at all of the pictures of creating a sustainable community the southern part of the county…will bring more people into the community…more money into our economy and also create jobs."

Here at city hall, the mayor also talked about the Organ Mountains National Monument…something that is a little more controversial and it has many in the community divided.
Mayor Miyagishima mentioned law enforcement in particular.

"We understand their concerns…but we feel confident that they will be able to track down the bad guys and apprehend them if need be."