Mayor Of Las Cruces Delivers State Of The City Address

Las Cruces, NM – Miyagishima gave is annual evaluation of the city on Wednesday. His message was simple and to the point. He highlighted the ways Las Cruces has managed to stay stable despite the economic downturn. He also spoke about the many new and completed construction projects throughout the city.

Miyagishima pointed out the completion of the New City Hall and Convention Center, the renovation of the Downtown Mall, the new regional Aquatic Center.

He says even with the toll the recession took on the nation, the City's financial reserves continue at a strong level and no city services have been significantly interrupted.

Miyagishima-"One of the hidden advantages of a financial crisis like we've experienced is that it gives us an opportunity to look closely at our expenditures and become ever more effective at delivering services that our residents expect."

A new 911 call center and emergency response facility and a crisis triage center to address mental health issues are Miyagishima's top priorities before the legislature. He says he will continue to push for services to improve the quality of life in the area.

Miyagishima concluded his remarks by highlighting the city's potential for growth and economic recovery.

Miyagishima-"Our own local economy continues to show strength compared to other areas of the state and county. A recent U.S Conference of Mayors Report put Las Cruces near the very tops in terms of projected economic growth in the next five years. And indicates we will be among the first metropolitan areas in the country to return to peak employment. This is good news and reflects favorable on the economy that we are working hard to grow."

The address was Miyagishima's fourth State of the City speech since becoming mayor in late 2007.