Milo's Making Las Cruces Look Good

Apr 25, 2012


(LAS CRUCES) -- A local business may not only helps Las Cruces look good, he's giving young people an opportunity to succeed.

Cutting hair is something Milo Perez always wanted to and it's a hobby he's turned into a career in Las Cruces.

"I'm still haven't run into a cut I can't do," he said.

Perez operates Milo's Barbershops and with seven locations around town business is booming.

"It feels good except the first of the month when I gotta pay the rent," he jokes.

Perez left school in the 9th grade in order to find work and provide for his family. Now, he's giving young people a chance to sharpen their skills by running his own barber shop school.

"I decided I was gonna do it and I did all the sacrifices necessary that I have to do and that's how I did it," he said.

A few of the students graduate into employees. They build up their own clientle and help keep Milo's a customer favorite.

"We get different people, we're just here to cut hair," he said.

On a good day, a barber at Milo's can see up to thirty clients and with a rotating chair of people, you're bound to get a few interesting stories.

"Like from guys that lost their girl friend on the weekend from guys who win the lottery," he said.

And with an array of customers, the topics talked about at the barber shop can vary hour after hour.

"They teach us in school, not to talk about religion and politics and that's the number one subject here -- politics and religion," he said.