More Charges Filed In Sunland Park Case

May 20, 2012


SUNLAND PARK, N.M. (AP) — Authorities investigating corruption allegations in city government in Sunland Park filed additional criminal charges against two former city officials on voter fraud allegations.

And a third official was charged with tampering with evidence during a police search of City Hall in February.

Prosecutors say Silvia Gomez, the city's former senior center director, was charged with registering four people who live in Texas to vote in a New Mexico election.

She was previous charged with similar allegations.

Jesus Dario Hernandez, the city's former public works director, also faces new voter fraud allegations.

Prosecutors say Gilbert Velez, the city's manager information technology, also has been charged for his role in tampering with evidence on Feb. 21 while State Police officers were executing a search warrant at City Hall.

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