Mother Of Gay Teen Charged With Abuse, Hate Crime

Jul 16, 2014


  The mother of a 17-year-old girl has been arrested by Doña Ana County Sheriff’s deputies for what they allege was physical and sexual abuse in reaction to the girl’s sexual orientation. The charges have been enhanced, because the incident qualifies as a hate crime.

   Magdo Haro, 40, was taken into custody Tuesday after her daughter told investigators her mother beat her repeatedly with a shoe after the girl confessed that she was gay.

   According to statements made to investigators, the girl was told she was “not to wear boy clothes anymore, only girl clothes,” and that she would have to start attending church with her grandmother.

   The girl also said she was forced to undress in front of her mother to “show her she was a woman, and not a man.”  The girl reported that her mother then demanded that she perform sex acts on herself, so the girl complied out of fear that her mother was going to sexually assault her.

   Haro was arrested late Tuesday afternoon on charges of criminal sexual penetration and child abuse. She was transported to the Doña Ana County Detention Center where she was released three hours later on a $25,000 secured bond.


Information from Dona Ana County