Music for Abraham Lincoln: An Interview with Barbara Toth

Las Cruces – Music for Abraham Lincoln: An Interview with Barbara Toth

With the national exhibit of Abraham Lincoln visiting Las Cruces in 2009, we took some time to explore the music of Lincoln's life and times: music he listened to, music he liked, and music that came about, in part, because of the end of slavery. Barbara Toth, founding member of the Las Cruces Friends of Chamber Music joined Intermezzo host Leora Zeitlin in the KRWG studios to discuss, and to listen to, these musical selections associated with Lincoln:

1.) Friedrich von Flotow: "Ach so fromm," from "Martha," sung by Placido Domingo with the LA Philharmonic, Carlo Maria Giulini conducting (DGM #437743);
2.) Stephen Foster, "Gentle Annie," performed by pianist Jacqueline Schwab (Dorian #90299);
3.) Louis Moreau Gottschalk: "The Union," performed by pianist Leonard Pennario (EMI #64667);
4.) "Hard Trials," traditional spiritual arranged by Harry T. Burleigh, sung by Oral Moses, with Ann Sears on piano (Northeastern #252);
5.) Daniel Emmett, "Dixie," performed by the Robert Shaw Choral and the RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra, Robert Shaw conducting (RCH #60814).

Interview recorded and broadcast from the studios of KRWG-FM 90.7 on Thursday, November 19, 2009. Interview Copyright 2009.