Mystery Surrounds Latest Albuquerque Police Shooting

Apr 23, 2014

  Two days after Albuquerque police shot and killed a 19-year-old suspected truck thief, the chief of the troubled department says he has little information about the latest shooting.

Chief Gorden Eden says police were unable to recover video from the body camera worn by the officer who shot Mary Hawkes. He also says he doesn't yet know if the gun found by her body was loaded, how many times she was shot, whether she was facing the officer when she was killed, whether any other officers' cameras captured the event, or if any witnesses have corroborated the officer's statement that the woman pulled a gun on him.

Hawkes is the third person to be killed by Albuquerque officers in five weeks and the first since the department was put under federal orders ordered to reduce the use of deadly force.

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