Nachison: Democrats Must Push For Single-Payer Health Care, Other Real Change

Aug 10, 2017

Commentary: The National Dems recently announced "a better deal.”  How is it better?    I and many friends are confused.     Does Senator Shumer and other party “leaders” have a clue about real change, spin not withstanding?   Is single payer the latest addition? 

The better way:

-      Jobs, jobs, jobs.  Nothing new here and FDR said it better

-      Fixing the economy?  whether you agree or not,  Walter Lippmann and Max Eastman among others said it much

   better before 1920, the beginning of the  lead up to 1929.

-      Fixing education?  Really?

“The better" deal is nothing but warmed over corporatism.   Dem corporatism is slightly different from republican corporatism.  Dems throw in social justice.   If modern democrats want to become a viable party again, change must be the order of the day not wishy washy nothings, new versions of the failed 1980's or "the third way."  The status quo has failed us.  Change:

1.   Yes, single payer for all.  How many bandwagons must be upset?

2.   Yes, rebuild our infrastructure.   Where is a real outline of “how?”

3.   Yes, jobs, job training, etc.   Under corporatism, we just nibble around the edgers.

Doing these properly means upending the corporative duopolies and restoring power to the people.  Dems are totally complicit in some 45 years plus of growing corporate control, stagnant wages and the ascendency of “tricke up” theory.  The 1970’s-2016  period needs its own place in history.  A third party is necessary. 

There is truth in “living outside the beltway.”  We left.   At first it was stultifying (Memphis, TN).  Then it became very enlightening (Las Cruces).   This begs the question, as most democrats and independents live outside that beltway.  Real organizing is happening at the local level.  A third party is a better way than recreating national democrats, but it will take time to bring all the local movements together..    The “better way” is not a ringing - or winning - program.  It sounds like a last gasp.

"He who stands with his face to the East in the morning will have the sun before him. If he does not change his posture, the Earth in the meantime having changed its, he will have the sun no longer before him, but behind.”  Daniel deLeon