National Poetry Month

Apr 12, 2017

National Poetry Month 

A project by New Mexico State University students

In celebration of National Poetry Month, the students of Connie Voisine's creative writing class researched New Mexico poets with the help of NMSU's Archives. 

Greys Registry by Keith Wilson

Read by James Puff

Five Directions To My Home by Juan Felipe Herrera

Read by Lucio Orduno

Mad Love of Spirits by Jennifer Giron

Read by Nicholas Vessel

They Inherit A Packet Of Earth by Jay Wright

Read by Karly Kunko

Cradle Logic Of Autumn by Jay Wright

Read by Eric Begward

The Abuses In Color by Richard Greenfield

Read by Elizabeth Harbour

To Anyone by Witter Bynner

Read by Kathleen Shannon

An Epitaph by Eugene Manlove Rhodes

Read by Jacy Faulkenberry

The Daughter by Carmen Jimenez Smith

Read by Allison McCullar

What Danger We Court by Luci Tapahonso

Read by Emily Joy Rosa

Still Life #3 by Levi Romero

Read by Max Fogel

My Roof Is Leaking by Bobby Byrd

Read by David Sanchez Williams

Instructions Not Included by Daniel Levin

Read by Pedro Caro