Navajo Council Speaker Says He'll Be Exonerated

Dec 19, 2013

The leader of the Navajo Nation's legislative branch predicts he'll be exonerated in a case alleging misuse of tribal discretionary money intended for Navajos in need.

Prosecutors had filed bribery and conspiracy charges earlier this month against Tribal Council Speaker Johnny Naize and three former tribal officials.

Criminal complaints allege that family members of Naize received $36,550 in discretionary funding in exchange for his providing $36,900 in discretionary funding to family members of current and former council delegates.

Naize at the time declined to comment on the allegations, but the Daily Times reports that he issued a statement Wednesday saying he believes his name will be cleared when the matter is resolved.

Naize was elected to serve a second consecutive term as speaker in January.

Information from: Daily Times. 

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