New Learning Program In Las Cruces Helps Young Students

Sep 20, 2013

In it’s second year, the Joint Ungraded Multiage Primary or (J.U.M.P.) Program continues to focus on having a classroom that has young students ranging from 5-8 years old. It’s a multi-age environment according to Dr. Arsenio Romero, Principal of the Program.

“We don’t really look at it as grade levels. We look at them being in the program for three years,” says  Romero.

It works as a school within a school for young students who may require extra assistance with reading, writing, and math. When the program began last year all of the students in J.U.M.P. were non-readers.

“After one year, we have had tremendous success. We are looking at 72-82% reading proficiency depending on their age, and so for one year it’s been a tremendous success,” says Romero.

The classroom incorporates technology and constant learning activities that keep students engaged in the lesson. It may not be unique to find three different learning activities going on simultaneously in a J.U.M.P Classroom.

There are few worksheets, because students use iPads or laptops to complete assignments. That also makes it easy for parents to stay updated on how their children are doing by simply logging online to the programs website.

Younger students are also learning with the help of older students who have an opportunity to serve as leaders.

The program hired teachers with proven experience in the classroom raising reading and math levels. J.U.M.P has also implemented different electronic evaluation systems to understand how students are doing each month.

Tamra Thatcher, J.U.M.P. Teacher says the program uses a new approach to learning. She says as teachers sometimes too much time is used on focusing on the negatives of a student, but J.U.M.P. looks to focus on the building of the self-esteem of a student.

“I feel like we have taken a different view, and saying what can they do, and let’s build on what they can do,” says Thatcher.

According to Thatcher, once a student has confidence in learning then they will excel in reading, writing, and math.