New Mexico Advocacy Group Applauds Supreme Court Decision To Hear Marriage Equality Cases

Today the Supreme Court of the United States agreed to hear challenges to the so called Defense of Marriage Act and California Proposition 8. The Court will schedule arguments in the spring with decisions likely by June 2013.


New Mexico GLBTQ Centers, a statewide nonprofit operating gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community centers in Las Cruces and Gallup is pleased with the Court's decision to take these landmark cases. Executive Director, David Stocum, states “ At last, the dignity of our families will be considered by the highest court in the land. We hope and expect that the justices will stand on the right side of history by affirming that marriage is a fundamental freedom that may not be denied to same-sex couples. The Constitution is built on our nation’s fundamental concepts of liberty and equality, and Prop 8 is inherently contrary to those principles and should be struck down.”


Stocum also said, “ The Defense of Marriage Act unfairly excludes same-sex couples who are legally married from more than 1,110 federal protections and responsibilities that the government provides to other married couples, rendering them second-class citizens. The groundbreaking Election Day victories for the freedom to marry in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington – not to mention the reelection of the first sitting president to support marriage – show the strength of the momentum in favor of the freedom to marry. This momentum – and nationwide majority – for the freedom to marry helps empower the justices to do the right thing and stand on the right side of history.”


New Mexico GLBTQ Centers mission is to reduce homophobia and enrich the lives of individuals living in New Mexico who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer through education, advocacy, support, example and collaboration.


For more information on New Mexico GLBTQ Centers; visit or stop by the centers at 1210 N. Main Street in Las Cruces or 216 W. Maloney Avenue in Gallup.