New Mexico Group Reacts To Attempt To Repeal Undocumented Immigrants' Licenses

Jan 22, 2014

Credit Office of the Governor

  The following is a statement from Somos Un Pueblo Unido regarding the Governor's fifth introduction of a proposal to take away driver's licenses from immigrants who live and work in New Mexico: 


" The verdict is in.  Requiring undocumented immigrant drivers to be licensed, registered and insured is good public policy.  That's why in 2013, eights states and Washington DC passed laws similar to New Mexico's with strong support from Democrats, Republicans and law enforcement agencies.  And many more states are slated to vote on driver's license legislation in 2014. 
The Governor is doing a terrible disservice to New Mexicans by forcing the driver's license issue for a fifth time while our state falls deeper into poverty and our children continue to suffer the tragic consequences of a broken education and child welfare system. It's unconscionable for the Governor to put her own political cash cow ahead of New Mexico's families. She is wasting legislators' time on this non-issue when they should be keenly focused on solving the state's real problems." 
The states that passed driver's license legislation for immigrants in 2013 are: Colorado, Nevada, Maryland, Vermont, California, Connecticut, Oregon, and Illinois. Puerto Rico and Washington DC also passed similar laws."