New Mexico U.S. Senate Candidate Weh Blasts Monument Designation

May 23, 2014

Credit Allen Weh (R) U.S. Senate candidate

New Mexico's Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Allen Weh issued the following statement on the Organ Mountains Monument:

"New Mexico has some of the most beautiful land in the country. While we absolutely need to preserve and protect this land, we are obligated to find a responsible balance between necessary conservation efforts and the welfare of human beings struggling to make a living in a state that is largely rural. This is especially true in a county where only 15 percent of the land is privately owned.

The way Barack Obama designated the Organ Mountains Monument is one more example of the federal government's heavy-handed over-reach.

It is absolutely inappropriate that Tom Udall, elected to serve the interests of all New Mexicans, supports this overreach."