NM Court Affirms Convictions For Roswell Murders

Jan 9, 2014

The state Supreme Court has upheld a Roswell man's convictions for the shooting deaths of his son and the son's girlfriend and wounding three police officers.

David Vega was sentenced to consecutive life imprisonment sentences for killing 25-year-old Christopher Vega and 31-year-old Alisa Michelle Montgomery in a 2010 domestic dispute.

He was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder, and three counts of attempted murder for wounding police who responded to a call about the killings.

The court on Thursday rejected Vega's legal challenges to his sentencing and convictions. He had contended there should have been separate trials on the murder and attempted murder charges.

The son and his girlfriend were living at David Vega's home in Roswell, and there had been a dispute over whether they had to leave.

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