NM Democratic Party Raises $117,000 Since December

Apr 10, 2013

The New Mexico Democratic Party reports collecting nearly $117,000 in contributions since late last year.

The latest state campaign finance reports show the Democratic Party spent $134,000 from December through March, leaving it with a cash balance of about $26,000 in its state campaign account. Most of its expenditures were transfers of money to a federal campaign account, which can pay for administrative expenses and get-out-the-vote drives.

Donating $10,000 to the Democrats were ABQ Health Partners, an Albuquerque medical group, and Keystone Automotive Industries.

The state Republican Party raised about $53,000, including $5,000 from Devon Energy and $5,250 from CSI Aviation, a company founded by former party chairman Allen Weh.

The GOP spent about $72,000, and reported cash-on-hand of nearly $75,000 at the start of the month.

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