NM Democrats Discuss Immigration Reform

Jun 24, 2013

Speaker W. Ken Martinez led a Monday discussion on immigration reform at the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) annual meeting in Colorado Springs, CO.  This panel discussion included federal immigration reform legislation and state's efforts to address the many pressing issues related to immigration.

"As the United States Senate focuses their attention on immigration reform this week, it's important to put a human face on this debate," Martinez said. "Our state has a unique and rich history that draws strength from its diversity and blended cultures.  Our priority should be to create a pathway to citizenship for undocumented workers and to continue to foster economic growth in our local communities by providing legal opportunities for workers in key industries, including the oil patch and technology sectors."

The DLCC annual meeting is being held from June 23-24 in Colorado Springs, CO.  New Mexico is represented by Speaker Ken Martinez, Representative Gail Chasey, Representative Mimi Stewart and Representative Brian Egolf.