NM Insurance Exchange Selects Marketing Contractor

Aug 16, 2013

A Wisconsin-based company firm has been selected for what potentially could be a more than $7 million campaign to promote New Mexico's health insurance exchange and educate the uninsured about obtaining health coverage.

The exchange's governing board picked the public relations firm of BVK, which is headquartered in Milwaukee, to handle marketing for the state's online shopping center for health insurance.

Human Services spokesman Matt Kennicott, who serves on the board when the department secretary can't attend meetings, said Friday the exchange's chief executive officer will negotiate a final contract and it could be as much as $7.7 million. The firm was selected last week and is partnering with Albuquerque-based Cooney, Watson & Associates.

Nearly 83,000 uninsured New Mexicans are expected to obtain insurance through the exchange next year.

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