NM Legislature Adjourns Without Budget

New Mexico – The failure to reach a budget deal means it will be will be necessary for lawmakers to return to work later in a special session to approve a plan for financing public schools and government services.

The House and Senate worked past midnight.

House Speaker Ben Lujan said lawmakers were unable to resolve their differences over increasing taxes to balance the budget.

Today in response to the conclusion of the 49th New Mexico Legislative Session, the House Republican leaders offered the following statements:

"We spent more than $4.9 million for a 30-day session when our obligation was to pass a balanced budget. The House passed a budget with a deficit of $310 million and had a budget returned from the Senate with a $100 million deficit. The people of New Mexico were short changed with this session and will end up paying more than $50,000 a day for a special session," said House Republican Leader Tom Taylor.

"Rather than agree to bad legislation just so we could go home, Republicans will continue to be a voice for sensible solutions: leaner government, lower taxes, fewer unnecessary regulations," said House Republican Whip Keith Gardner.

"Let's remember that cuts are not the goal, revenue is the goal. The only way we can increase our revenue is to make cuts, avoid raising taxes, and let the economy bloom again," said House Republican Caucus Leader Anna Crook.