NM Man Admits Dismembering Father

Aug 30, 2013

Authorities say the son of an 88-year-old New Mexico man has admitted to killing his father and dismembering the body with a chain saw.

Carlsbad police says Steven Michael Allumbaugh recently told investigators that he struck his father, Thomas Luther Allumbaugh, during an argument in January 2012 and he fell against a metal chair in a shower.

According to a criminal complaint, Allumbaugh then dismembered the body and buried it in his backyard to conceal the death. The complaint also says he hid the death for a year so that he could continue withdrawing his father's Social Security retirement funds.

Steven Allumbaugh is being held on federal charges involving Social Security theft allegations.

He has not been charged in his father's death and it's unclear if he had an attorney.

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