NM Museum Of Space History Celebrates 25 Years Of Space Camp

Las Cruces, NM – Registration began last week for a series of educational camps offered by the space museum. Students from across the world participate in the programs throughout the Museum complex and at various local field trip sites.

This summer's schedule has four camps lasting a week each. The Summer Science Camp is titled "To the Edge of the Universe." Students will learn about galaxies, black holes and planets. Spy camp and scream camp will teach students about the science of roller coasters and g forces.

New Mexico Museum of Space History Marketing Director Cathy Harper says last year there were over seven hundred and forty students participating in the programs.

Harper-"We have literally taught thousands and thousands of students not only from NM, but from around the world over the last quarter of a century. This place comes alive, it just really comes alive. Kids are everywhere they are laughing and having a good time."

Harper says the goal is to provide a safe and fun environment for aspiring young scientists to learn and laugh with students from all over the world.

Registration for the summer camps running from June through August began February 26th and more information on how to register can be found at