NM Officials Concerned Over Inability To Ban All Fireworks

Apr 21, 2013

Some local officials in New Mexico are fretting over their inability to ban all fireworks as the fire season approaches.  A proposal to expand the authority of the state, cities and counties to ban all fireworks was derailed during the last legislative session.

A 1999 law limited what cities and counties can do in regulating fireworks.

They can prohibit certain types of fireworks, such as Roman candles and firecrackers, but can't outright ban a group of commonly used sparkling devices.

They can restrict the use of certain fireworks during times of severe drought, but have to issue a proclamation with the restrictions at least 20 days before the Fourth of July.

Local officials want more flexibility.

Fireworks vendors say the current system is working.


Information from: Albuquerque Journal,

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