NM Senate Leader Requests Action From Governor On State Fair Commission

Jan 24, 2014

Credit Senate Majority Leader Michael S. Sanchez (D-29- Bernalillo & Valencia).

  Santa Fe, NM — This week, Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez (D-29-Bernalillo & Valencia) sent Governor Susana Martinez a request for an executive message on Senate Bill 2 (SB2).

Currently, the State Fair Commission is only required to meet once a year. At that annual meeting, they are required to elect a chairman, a secretary and a treasurer as well as any other business related to the State Fair. SB2 requires that the commission meet at least quarterly, with an election of officers taking place at the first quarterly meeting of the year. According to Sen. Sanchez, this will increase the commission’s ability to address the difficult and pressing issues facing the State Fair.

Also, reports have surfaced that commissioners have been required to go through the Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA) to attain documents pertaining to business handled within the State Fair Commission. This bill lifts that policy and requires that commissioners have free access to all documentation handled by the State Fair Commission.

“It is unreasonable that the people responsible for carrying out the duties of the Commission are met with roadblocks that hinder their ability to gather the information required for making informed decisions,” said Sen. Sanchez.

“The State Fair, as you know, faces unusual problems these days which require serious work and transparent deliberation,” Sen. Sanchez explains in his letter to the governor. “The issue must be aired as soon as possible…”

Sanchez says he’s hopeful that the bill will be put on the call by a governor, who has repeatedly described her administration as one of the most transparent in New Mexico history.