NMSU Board Of Regents' Vice Chair Comes Out As Gay

Aug 22, 2013

Javier Gonzales

  New Mexico State University Board of Regents' Vice Chair Javier Gonzales has announced that he is gay in a personal essay online.

The former chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico states in the essay: " As a kid, I never considered a lifestyle different from that of my parents and theirs before me. I thought I’d marry a local girl, have kids, and then grandkids. I tried my hardest not to be different, but the reality was I am, and I have a failed marriage to prove it.  Single again, I took steps towards accepting who I am. Yet I still worried about any embarrassment I would bring to my family, questioned whether being gay was a choice as many still believe it is, and whether I was right in the eyes of God."  

On Gonzales' twitter page, a post states, "It's been an incredible day. I'm blessed. Thankful to so many for sharing my story."