NMSU Flu Cases Increasing

Las Cruces – Universities across the country are seeing an increase in flu cases and New Mexico State is no exception.

NMSU Medical Director Doctor Benjamin Diven says the first cases of H1N1 surfaced in mid September. As of Tuesday NMSU has seen 33 cases of influenza through student and employee health centers with 14 of those cases positively identified as H1N1.

NMSU has seen a total of 86 cases of influenza like illness. And Diven says .the number of cases is steadily increasing.

The good news .most can be managed by with common over-the-counter medications. The worst symptoms appear to last only a few days.

The Student Health Center has exhausted its supply of regular seasonal flu vaccine .and an employee clinic planned for the week of October 19th will NOT be able to offer the vaccine either .because the supply has been exhausted.

Free seasonal flu vaccinations WILL be available from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday at Memorial Medical Center.

Diven says .NMSU anticipates the H1N1 vaccine will be available to large groups in mid to late November. He says the university will follow national and state guidelines about giving H1N1 vaccine first to certain priority or at-risk groups.