NMSU hosts Binational Conference With Chihuahua

Nov 8, 2013

New Mexico State University recently hosted, “Day two” of a Binational Summit of Values and Culture of Lawfulness with Chihuahua, Mexico. The two-day conference was held on back-to-back days, with the conference opening in Chihuahua.

During the conference, university representatives and state officials from New Mexico and Chihuahua came together to have share thoughts and information about government, security, mental health, research, and culture.

New Mexico’s Attorney General Gary King gave the keynote address on the second day. We spoke with King about some goals that his office hoped to achieve with the conference.

“Our particular issue is border security, and to prevent crimes on both sides of the border particularly with cooperation with Mexican law enforcement to deal with the international criminal organizations that exist in Mexico,” says King.

The opportunity at this conference was to understand the positive opportunities that exist between New Mexico and Mexico for trade, tourism, and higher learning.

“We want those kinds of things to still occur, but we know what kinds of threats are coming across the border, and we can address those threats as well,” says King.

Attorney General King has made a trip to Mexico City this year to establish a relationship with the new administration in the country.

“That’s one of the great things about the program that we are doing is that it’s related more with the attorney generals’ offices, and the federal attorney general in Mexico. So as people change we want to continue to make sure that the entities can continue to work together, and we think we can do that,” says King.

The conference also highlighted opportunities to work together between with Mexico. This is the first time the conference was held at New Mexico State University, and the sixth year that the conference was held in Chihuahua.