NMSU President Promises 1.5% Raise

Apr 3, 2014

As president of NMSU, it is Dr. Garrey Carruther's job to rally the professors, secretaries and janitors who all work at the university.

Recently, his task was to rally those NMSU faculty and staff gathered at the Las Cruces Convention Center around the budget proposal he is endorsing along with Provost Dr. Dan Howard. The proposal makes use of more than $8 million taxpayer dollars approved by the legislature this session.

"We want to use over half of the new money that we have available…for some form of compensation," said Dr. Carruthers.

Big news for faculty and staff is a raise.

"All faculty are eligible for a 1.5 percent increase based upon merit," said Dr. Carruthers.

A 1.5 percent increase for faculty on merit…the same across the board for hourly staff and for salaried staff members, a one point five percent increase based on merit.

Under a market equity plan, some faculty could see larger raises to bring them to what they call the "market level."

One million dollars of the funds will go toward new faculty hires….Carruthers says about 10 to 15 of them. Here is a candid moment about what kind of professors might be hired...

"The provost really would like to hire some really dedicated research kind of people…I'm happy to be in the camp where I think we need some college track lines that can do a lot of good teaching for us…so we'll go through that discussion and debate," said Dr. Carruthers.

Professor and faculty advisor for the NMSU Board of Regents, Tim Ketelaar, has been asking for faculty raises for several years. This seems to represent a sense of hope for him.

"This president and this provost I think takes very seriously…we're seeing small increases and I think that's very positive," said Ketelaar.