NMSU Project Focuses On Education For Disabled

Las Cruces, NM – Project enable is designed to increase the number of individuals with mobility disabilities pursuing a computer-related field.

In recent years there has been a decline in the number of computer science degrees awarded in the U.S. In the age range of 20 to 65 less than 1 percent holds a higher education degree in computer information and science.

The ENABLE project is working to recruit people with disabilities through a mentoring program and interaction with scientists who have disabilities.

Participants are introduced to assistive technology and training through computer workshops.

New Mexico State University President Barbara Couture says the projects main focus is education.

Couture-"Persons with physical disabilities face many challenges. One of the challenges - that shouldn't be a challenge for them - is whether or not they receive a quality education. This project is all about that."

Sixty participants will participate in the three year program. Project ENABLE lead Janine Cook says she would love to see NMSU excel in disability services.

Cook-"I would love to see New Mexico State on a Top 10 list of campuses for people with disabilities. The reason I am here is because of accessibility. This is a very accessible campus. Compared to most institutions across the nation, NMSU is, hands down, the most accessible campus I have ever been on."

Project ENABLE is a grant sponsored through the National Science Foundation.