Now The State Is After The Hatch Pig

Hatch – Hatch's giant fiberglass pig is in the crosshairs. This time, state officials are taking aim.

After a debate in the Dona Ana County community last week, Hatch officials allowed the figurine to serve as an off-premises billboard for owner Teako Nunn's cafe Sparky's Burgers, BBQ & Espresso.

This week, Nunn was notified by the state Department of Transportation that the pig and a hot dog-shaped sign also owned by Nunn violate state law.

State officials say the signs fall under their jurisdiction because they're located off N.M. 26.

Nunn says he's skeptical that he has done anything wrong but his attorney is looking into the matter.

Hatch Mayor Judd Nordyke says the situation is "getting a little bit ridiculous."

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