Opposing Trump/Sessions Policy of Putting Cannabis Users in Jail

Jan 4, 2018

Credit Rep. Bill McCamley (D-New Mexico House District 33)

Commentary: Las Cruces- State Representative Bill McCamley announced today his opposition to Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions’ decision to rescind the 2013 Cole Memo, which protects over 40,000 medical users of cannabis in New Mexico. He will be introducing a House Memorial in the 2018 Legislative Session, requesting the rest of the House defend the right of New Mexicans to use medicinal cannabis legally without being put in to Federal Prison.

“During the last five years, I have talked with countless people who have better lives because of their use of cannabis, including many cancer patients and Vets suffering from PTSD,” McCamley said. “For the past ten years, tens of thousand of New Mexicans have used cannabis safely for their condition, and threatening them with jail time is sick and wrong.”

McCamley pointed out that a in the last two public surveys, over 60% of New Mexicans supported the legal, social use of cannabis in New Mexico while support for medicanal use has routinely been higher.

“New Mexicans support a 21st Century approach to dealing with Cannabis,” McCamley said. “They oppose Trump and Sessions on this issue, and will strongly support our Federal delegation protecting New Mexicans from being put in jail solely for improving their health.”