Parents Of NM Boy Killed By Dog Face Charges

The FBI continues to investigate the death of an 8-year-old boy believed to have been mauled by a pack of dogs, and his parents are now facing Navajo tribal charges related to the safety of his three siblings.

Ramah Navajo Police Chief Emil Radosevich confirms that the boy's younger siblings have been placed with the tribe's social services department.

He says the parents, Yolonda Henio and stepfather Keith Comosona, are awaiting a hearing in tribal court this month on charges of child endangerment. It wasn't immediately clear if they had an attorney.

Radosevich says the parents were intoxicated the night Tomas Jay Henio was found dead face down in the snow. The parents told authorities a pack of dogs had attacked and killed the boy.

The FBI says autopsy results are expected later this month.

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