Pearce Announces Re-election Campaign

Aug 24, 2013

Credit Rep. Steve Pearce (R) New Mexico

  U.S. Congressman Steve Pearce officially declared that he is running for re-election.

In a prepared statement Friday, Pearce said, "Southern New Mexicans want someone who listens to them and stand up for their concerns and not cater to any one political party.  For that reason I feel that I am still the best choice to represent the second Congressional District in Congress."

"I am not a one-sided party guy," said Pearce. "I have not been afraid to criticize Republicans when they are wrong and Democrats when they are wrong. Equally true, I am willing to work with both sides to get results-especially on jobs, immigration reform, and protecting southern New Mexico's economy," Pearce said.

 Leslie Endean-Singh announced in May that she is running for the Democratic nomination to challenge Pearce.  On her website, she states, "Why am I running to represent the folks in NM Congressional District 2 in Congress?  First because Congress is in political gridlock. New Mexico as one of the poorer states, is suffering from lack of jobs, and social services. Second Steve Pearce has served for 10 years and has done nothing to break that gridlock.  In fact his obstructionist policies have caused that gridlock, and made it worse.  Third I have a wide range of experience, and the ability to work with people of all three political parties.  I have worked with the faith community, I have worked in state government.  I am a small businesswoman.  I am not a ideologue with my own narrow agenda.  I want to represent all the people of New Mexico."