Pearce: End Federal Funding Of Health Insurance For Congress And Congressional Staff

Sep 18, 2013

Credit Rep. Steve Pearce (R) New Mexico

  Responding to overwhelming opposition from New Mexicans to loopholes that exempt members of Congress from Obamacare, U.S. Congressman Steve Pearce today offered an amendment to the Continuing Resolution (CR) that prohibits federal funding from being used to subsidize healthcare plans for Members of Congress or their staffs.

“Americans are disgusted that Washington is trying to let itself off the hook while the rest of the country suffers under an unworkable law,” said Pearce.  “I want no part of any deal that exempts Washington from the laws it makes.  That is why I offered this amendment, which prevents taxpayer money from being spent to bail out those on Capitol Hill.  I am tired of the games and backroom deals: Congress should have to play by the same rules as everyone else.  The privileges, free passes, and broken promises must end.”

During Congressman Pearce’s meetings with constituents in August, many discussions focused on the hypocrisy of Washington lawmakers exempting themselves from the law they passed for Americans.  Congressman Pearce’s proposed amendment that states: “…no Federal funds shall be expended to pay any portion of the premium for a health plan purchased by a Member of Congress or congressional staff…”