Pearce Issues Statement On Super Committee Failure

Las Cruces –
Second District Congressman Steve Pearce (R-NM) says the super committee never should have been formed, and now, it's up to Congress to cut the budget.

Here is his full statement:

"I opposed the formation of the super committee under the Budget Control Act Agreement, because it circumvents the democratic lawmaking process," said Pearce. "Congress should be working as a full body to ensure effective representation and accountability to the American people. While I opposed this process, I had hoped for and supported a positive outcome. Under the Act, the super committee's failure to reach an agreement leads to sequestration that can begin in January of 2013. This could result in major cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, as well as to defense at a time when we are fighting two wars."

"Before the 2013 date, the White House and Congress must roll up their sleeves and take the necessary actions to avoid sequestration and increase accountability," Pearce continued. "We must act on solutions that promote job growth and cut spending. We must also 'lower the corporate tax rate' as the President stated in the State of the Union address in January. Additionally, last December, the President and the Democrat-controlled Congress did not let the Bush tax cuts expire. Democrats knew then what they are conveniently forgetting now, that raising taxes will result in higher unemployment, and now they are choosing to play political games to pass the blame for tax increases off on Republicans. Washington needs to stop playing games; it is time to get back to work, roll up our sleeves, balance the budget and focus on sending the President legislation that creates American jobs."