Pearce Responds To President's Immigration Announcement

Jun 30, 2014

Credit Rep. Steve Pearce (R) New Mexico

  Congressman Steve Pearce released this statement in response to President Obama’s announcement today that he would fix the immigration system on his own, without Congress.

“President Obama is exploiting the humanitarian crisis at our southern border. This emergency does not give Obama an excuse to abuse his executive authority and circumvent Congress once again,” said Congressman Steve Pearce. “A president cannot act beyond his executive authority and decide law based on his own preferences. Time and again, Obama has proven he only answers to himself. Recent Supreme Court rulings prove that he is wrong.”

“At $2 billion, the cost of this crisis is staggering. As a member of the House working group assigned specifically to advise Members of the House on this situation, I will examine all aspects of this border security crisis,” Pearce continued. “The problem at our southern border is a tragedy, caused by the president’s own executive orders that gave false hope to children and their families. They are now suffering in crowded border facilities, with some women and children being processed as detainees in southern New Mexico. The President needs to continue to allow the democratic process to proceed.”